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April 16, 2009


Michael Miller

The church is a safe haven for criminals. Many turn to the church at a time of need to be intercepted by low life con artists.

Edward Murachanian (his office is convienantly located outside a retirement community) an attorney in Brick Township New Jersey Ocean County runs a scam out of Fellowship Chapel in Point Pleasant Beach New Jersey.

When I was going to reveal his scam I was assaulted by his partner in crime Richard Maranitz 170 Duchess Lane Brick, NJ. Maranitz is an internet ordained pastor. http://tcolw.tripod.com/id18.html

They have practiced the art of deception to deceive church members for years.

Report any information of church fraud to the FBI in Washington DC.

Religious Grants

Why do these people make "church" as subject for their hidden agenda,anyways they were all convicted and go to jail.

Carol Hambarian

Michael Miller: It does absolutely no good reportaing church fraud to the FBI, IRS, Dept of Insurance, Dept, of Labor, and the list goes on and on. These churches who are practicing the art of deception on their members, workers, etc. are way ahead of these agencies. They have attorneys who are word merchants and use language that deceive even the brightest. The FBI is no match for the wits of these attorneys who defend these churches who not only betray their people, but are engaged in fraud that all theses agencies turn a blind eye to. I'm suspecting that these federal agencies may be on the church dole, too.


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